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Surrey International Study Centre Meet the students

"My name is Catherine and I am studying the International Foundation Year at the University of Surrey ISC. I have chosen this ISC so I can get my degree from the University of Surrey, which is ranked sixth in the UK in my course. Moreover, completing a Foundation programme at the ISC really gives me a nice idea about my future life as a student here.

"I really enjoy studying at Surrey. It is very nice and captivating because the place and the environment are quite accommodating and comfortable for students to learn. Moreover, the facilities are great; the ones I’ve used so far are wonderful. They provide for us everything we need. My favourite place is the library because it’s very big; there are so many things in the library that can occupy you for the whole day!

"The University is close to Guildford, so when I have time I go there to buy many things or just to sightsee. I love it! 

"The International Study Centre is very wonderful and helpful.  Before I came to the UK to study, I was quite scared of many issues such as plagiarism, how to reference and things we need to know to progress to University. So I was really nervous. The teachers have been really great.  They always explain properly what we do not understand. They relate to you clearly and you don’t really have to worry much about studying in University once you’ve gone through a Foundation Programme. They make you ready for University study.

"Moreover, since I am here, my English improved a lot! I guess my pronunciation of words has also changed and my accent. Back home, my friends often say “Catherine, your accent has really changed.”

Catherine, Nigeria
Studied Business, Economics, Law and Politics International Foundation Year

Surrey International Study Centre Meet the students

"My name is Michael; I am studying a Business Foundation Year. I am from China. I decided to come to the UK because I think Britain is a really good place for me. This country is full of culture, which is amazing. Moreover, I wanted to go to the University of Surrey because I want to study Hospitality Management and Surrey gets the best Hospitality Management programme. It is also ranked in the top 10 of UK universities.

"The ISC offered me the opportunity to learn the basic knowledge of the business, economics and accounting. Tutors here also help me a lot to improve my English skills. The first time I studied in English, I was really scared, because it was a completely new language for my academic study. I could not understand at all. But now, I can understand and make myself understandable properly. I am really happy! 

"The study life in ISC is quite intense. We need to learn a lot of new knowledge from our four subjects; and do all the coursework in the right time. It is hard for me to finish everything, but I think this Foundation Year will be very helpful for my future degree.

"The facilities on the campus are really nice. It is all I need; and my favourite place here is the library. It is a good place for me to calm down and study.

"I also like the location of Surrey. When I'm free I like to travel through England, for example to London or Brighton, just for a short trip. I also go to London for shopping because it is close to Surrey and really easy to go there by train.”

Michael, China
Studied Business, Economics, Law and Politics International Foundation Year

Surrey International Study Centre Meet the students

"My name is Lwin Lwin and I am from Myanmar. I am currently studying a Foundation Year in Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences.

"Before I came to the UK, I first went to an agency and I asked them which UK universities will be the best for me. They suggested to me the University of Surrey. I researched online, in books and got feedback from other people. One of my sister's friends finished his Master’s degree here and he recommended this University too. Moreover, you can have good job opportunities when you get a degree here.

"The teaching in the ISC is very different from my home country.  In Myanmar, students depend on teachers. We have to write down what teachers say and learn it by heart. Here, you are pushed to read and research by yourself. I like studying here, because you can gain more experience.

"Thanks to the ISC my knowledge improved a lot, especially my English. When I first came here I didn't speak English really well, and I couldn’t write it either. My tutors have been really helpful with it. But at the beginning, I found it really hard to learn in English. You need to be really concentrating on what the teachers say. Sometimes the teacher gets what you want to say but it is always hard to make yourself understood in the first stage.

"In the ISC you will also be able to meet lots of people from different countries. People in my class are all friendly. We all come from other parts of the world but I don’t feel a strong culture shock between us. We can mix together very well and build nice friendships!

"After my Foundation, I want to do a Bachelor in Civil Engineering with a placement year here. Maybe I will continue with a Masters and then work three or four years in the UK. But then I would go back to my home country with my family. 

"The campus here is really enjoyable, and meets all my expectations. It's a large campus with lots of facilities. I am really impressed with it.  The library is my favourite place because I preferred studying there than in the room. The lakeside is also very nice. You can just lie down on the grass, chatting with your friends, and having a nice lunch if the weather is good. 

"Sometimes I go to Guildford with my friends, to have dinner or lunch together. And then we go to Spectrum to do some sport, like ice-skating or bowling. If I have plenty of time, like two or three days’ holidays, I go to London to meet my brother. It is really easy, and takes just around 30 minutes by train.”

Lwin Lwin, Myanmar 
Studied Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences International Foundation Year

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