Your accommodation

You can live in allocated student accommodation, or you can arrange your own accommodation. Whichever option you choose, you will find that living with others is the best way to experience student life.

Why live in University-recommended accommodation?

Staying in University-recommended accommodation, you will find it easy to settle in and feel at home when you move to Surrey. Share with students studying different courses, from all over the world. University-recommended accommodation is the ideal place to make great new friends.

Options to suit you

Choose from a range of student housing to suit all budgets. They give you a living space to make your own. Accommodation options are within easy reach of the International Study Centre.

How do I book my room?

Please secure your accommodation before arriving in the UK to study. This will ensure that you have no difficulty confirming your course at immigration or police registration (if required).

  1. Request accommodation when you apply for the International Study Centre.*
  2. Confirm your place at the International Study Centre. Our accommodation team will then contact you with your University Student ID and an invitation to apply for accommodation online.
  3. Apply for accommodation online. The University will then send you a room offer.
  4. Accept the room offer by signing and returning the Occupancy Agreement to the University and making all due payments. Please read the University of Surrey’s terms & conditions and accommodation cancellation policy.

Before you arrive

  • Before you arrive in the UK, make sure you've arranged your accommodation. This will ensure there are no difficulties with confirming your course at immigration, and that you have a place to live when you arrive.
  • Check where and when to collect your room keys. Key collection details are outlined in your room offer.
  • Visit our before you arrive page and download our arrive guide to help you plan your journey, find out what to pack and what to expect when you arrive.

Arrange your room

Contact the International Study Centre Accommodation team to arrange your room.

Surrey student Emma

"I'm in Manor Park - I love it, it's so nice. I'm in a flat with six other people, there's a shared kitchen, where you each have your cupboards and a shared oven, and fridge and freezer, so you cook for yourself. I love the setup, everyone's so friendly."

Emma from Zimbabwe
Studied International Foundation Year – Business, Economics, Law and Politics