Study in the UK

Study abroad in the UK

The UK is home to world-leading universities and it has become a top destination for international students studying abroad. A degree from a respected UK university will help you stand out to employers. 

Not only renowned for its education system, the UK also offers an exciting lifestyle for students. At the University of Surrey, Guildford's cobbled High Street and famous attractions such as Hampton Course, Windsor Castle and Kew Gardens are within easy reach. And the UK's exciting and multicultural capital city is a short train away. 

Life in the UK

Life in the UK

The UK is a safe and welcoming place to live. Find out what it's like to live here, from British customs and weather to practical matters like banking, healthcare and travel.

Education in the UK

UK education system

The UK education system is renowned across the world and it's home to top-ranked universities. Find out about university teaching and learning styles and how you are assessed during your degree.