6 career benefits of studying abroad

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With employers increasingly looking for students with international experience, the career benefits of studying abroad are vast. Whilst immersing yourself in a new culture and the excitement of living abroad, you’ll be improving your future employability by developing excellent language skills, building a global network of friends and contacts, and gaining those key skills that employers look for; communication, project management, self-confidence, to name a few. 

If you decide to study in the UK you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the many countries and cultures across the whole of Europe.

So let’s delve a little deeper into how studying abroad helps your career.

Build your global network

Lifelong friendships often start at university and you’ll make some of the best memories! You’ll meet students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, forging relationships that will last a lifetime.  

Through these global friendships and contacts you will build a truly international network that will offer valuable skills and insights throughout your life and future career. Having contacts around the globe opens up future networking opportunities after graduation, for leisure, travel and employment. 

Choosing a university with a diverse global student body will further improve your international experience. The University of Surrey has students from 120 different countries - one of the most culturally diverse universities in the UK.

Boost your English language skills

Learning a language in a classroom is a great starting point, but being able to immerse yourself in real-life situations is one of the quickest ways to develop a new language. Studying in a country where the native language is not your own may appear daunting at first, but by using your language skills in both professional and informal situations you’ll quickly develop your confidence and proficiency.

Fluency in a second (or third!) language will greatly improve your employability - languages are a highly desirable skill for employers in the increasingly international business community.

When considering where to apply, choosing a study centre that supports your language development is key - explore the many different pathways you can take at the University of Surrey International Study Centre.

Improve your communication skills

The way we communicate isn’t just down to what we say, and one of the most sought after attributes for employers is strong communication skills. By developing friendships and interacting with those from different backgrounds and cultures, you’ll gain first-class networking and communication skills. 

Different countries also approach teaching in different ways - you may experience a completely new way of teaching, which will take some time to get used to. However, you’ll be developing new ways to learn, communicate, and network - adding to your future employability.

Cultural awareness also plays an important role in business, and by learning about the history, art, food and people of a new country you’ll develop your understanding of others - vital to success in your future career. 

Taking up the opportunity of a work placement during your studies will further enhance your communication skills.  Gain valuable work experience, build connections in relevant industries, and apply your learning in the real world. Explore how the International Study Centre can help you reach your career potential.

Gain confidence 

Studying abroad is not the easy option - you will have to overcome challenges, develop independence, be resourceful and solve problems. However, these learning experiences will demonstrate your self-reliance, resilience and adaptability to future employers, as well as helping you gain independence and confidence.

Your decision to study abroad will demonstrate your willingness to seek out new challenges and experiences, and throughout your course you’ll develop the skills and maturity to succeed within this new environment. 

Learn project management and problem-solving skills

Relocating to a new country is an exciting challenge.  You’ll need to quickly get on top of your studies, while also settling in to a new culture and lifestyle - at the same time as learning a new language and meeting new people!  

The speed at which you need to adapt will improve and expand your project management skills, helping you plan and organise your time - key project management skills that employers value. 

As we embrace our growing global community and businesses have an increasingly international outlook, future employers will look for candidates that have the ability to see the world from different perspectives.  Exposure to a wide variety of different cultures and knowledge of a broad range of local customs makes international students more attractive during the recruitment process. 

Studying in the UK gives you easy access to the whole of Europe.  Choosing a university with excellent transport links to London will open up Europe for short trips - with the chance to experience further cultures and customs during your study. 

Advance your career with Surrey

So, it’s clear that a world of opportunity awaits you...now you just need to decide on where to study.

As an international student in the UK, you can choose from a range of courses aimed at improving your English language, building your confidence and developing key skills before starting undergraduate or postgraduate courses. As a student at the University of Surrey International Study Centre, you’ll have access to all of Surrey’s fantastic campus facilities while you settle in to life in the UK and prepare for success at university.

Our international students tell us that future employability is one of the most important considerations when deciding where to study. That’s why the University of Surrey is extremely proud to be ranked 1st in the UK for work placements and research partnerships (QS World Employability Rankings 2019), offering a first-class study abroad destination. 

With a truly diverse student population, we are committed to ensuring our students achieve their full potential.


What skills do you gain from living abroad?

One of the benefits of studying abroad is the many skills you gain and develop. These will benefit you in both your personal and professional life. 

Some of the skills you will gain are:

  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Confidence
  • Cultural awareness
  • Problem solving

Is it worth studying abroad to get a job?

By studying abroad, you will gain numerous skills that are incredibly valuable when applying for jobs. You will be boosting your language skills, building a global network of working professionals and gaining key skills that employers look for. 

Is studying abroad a life changing experience?

Studying abroad is a life changing experience, in the best way possible. You will discover a new culture, explore new places and make friends from all over the world. 

The career benefits of studying abroad come in the form of high employability. University degrees from the UK are highly regarded around the world. 

The personal development you will undergo from moving to a new country will make you a more confident person who will have a world of career opportunities available.