Top 7 Advantages of Studying Abroad

University of Surrey student walking outside campus

Why study abroad?

From gaining career-defining skills, to building a lifelong network of friends from across the world, studying abroad opens up a world of opportunities. It’s no wonder the number of students travelling to study has been increasing over the past few decades – in 2019, 5 million students studied abroad after completing secondary education (UNESCO Global Flow of Tertiary-Level Students). You’ll create a professional network and subject knowledge you can lean on for years to come.  Opening your horizons and allowing you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs with future employers.

Here are the top seven advantages of studying abroad.

1. Cultural immersion

Studying abroad gives you the irreplaceable opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. Taste new dishes, explore new cities, and get an unparalleled first-hand insight into a new way of life. You’ll be able to prove how adaptable you are to future employers; the global perspective and cultural sensitivity you’ll gain make studying abroad benefits truly unique.

2. Academic excellence

Gain a globally-recognised education and expand your future career options. Studying internationally can expose you to different education styles. You’ll learn in an environment that prioritises active participation, providing studying abroad advantages that are tailored to encourage you to grow in confidence while learning.  

Students often have access to diverse academic opportunities that aren’t available in their home countries. For example, you might be able to contribute to research, or specialise your degree to fit your ambitions.

3. Language proficiency

One of the key advantages of studying abroad is the opportunity to excel in a new language. There’s no better way to become fluent in a language than to jump in to a complete immersive experience. Practising your linguistic skills in a welcoming, friendly community of students from across the world is one of the significant benefits of studying abroad.

4. Personal growth

Why study abroad? You’ll build your resilience and independence. You’ll explore the path you’d like your life to take. You’ll discover yourself. 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and see the incredible personal growth you’ll make. Along the way, you might just realise you have the power to shape your future. All of the growth you’ll experience will shine when you come to pursue your dream job.  

"My five months at ISC have allowed me to enhance my language skills, time management abilities, and research capabilities. They have also provided me with additional time to adapt to diverse cultural backgrounds, better preparing me for my studies at the University of Surrey." 
Frank from China 
Studied Pre-Masters programme in Management, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism.

5. Career advancement

Employers know and value the benefits of employing candidates who have studied abroad. Your journey, of personal development while achieving academic excellence, proves your capabilities. Living in a new country and adapting to a new environment while studying for a high-quality degree offers an example of your work ethic to prospective employers.

 6. Global networking

Studying abroad can lead to lifelong friendships; people who will not only help you experience the best of a new country, but also support you through the demands of university education. You’ll also be able to build valuable professional connections – one of the key benefits of studying abroad which can help you excel on your career journey.

7. Enhanced communication skills

Sharpen your communication skills by interacting with students from across the world. Crucial for any career, these interpersonal skills will help you form relationships and prove to global employers your ability to bring people together. 

Study at the University of Surrey

Ready to explore your potential? The University of Surrey International Study Centre offers pathway programmes for international students. You can study a range of subjects, from creative arts, tourism, and hospitality, to business, science, and engineering. Once you complete your pathway programme and achieve the required grades, you can start your degree at the University of Surrey. 

Renowned for its high student satisfaction – the University of Surrey achieved 4th place in the UK in the National Student Survey 2023 – you’ll be joining a community of students from across the world. Alongside experiencing a new country while making new friends, you’ll gain a globally recognised education from a top-ranked UK university. The Complete University Guide 2024 ranked the University of Surrey 13th out of 130 universities in the UK.  

You’ll also be able to gain the practical skills to succeed in your career with a placement year during your studies with the UK’s best university work placement service (2021 National University Employability Award). 

Take your first step to launch your career by studying with us. Discover more about our international pathway programmes and take a look at important information on entry requirements, university fees, and visa information.


Why should students study abroad?

Studying abroad provides unmatched benefits of studying abroad, such as gaining a global network, improving language skills, and experiencing personal growth.

Not only can you gain a world-class education from studying abroad, but it’s likely you’ll form memories to last a lifetime. From immersing yourself in a new culture and language to building personal and professional connections, you’ll be proud of how far you have come.

Does studying abroad help your career?

Yes, studying abroad sets you apart from other candidates in the job market. You’ll be proving to prospective employers you have the valuable practical skills they’re looking for. They’ll know you can adapt to new environments, build lasting relationships and are able to succeed even when outside of your comfort zone. 

Are study abroad programmes worth it?

Yes, study abroad programmes help you invest in your future. Pathway programmes provide you with a welcoming, supportive environment to grow and succeed. 95% of University of Surrey International Study Centre students who completed their programme in 2023 were offered a place to study at the University of Surrey.