Education in the UK

Benefits of studying in UK

The UK is known throughout the world for its long history of excellence in education and high-ranking universities. Gaining a degree from a UK top 25* University like Surrey will make you stand out to employers. A big part of your education in the UK will take place outside of your studies, through living your student life here and being a part of a multicultural community.

Research excellence

The University of Surrey is committed to research excellence and the application of research to benefit society. Surrey's 5G Innovation centre is the world's largest academic research centre dedicated to the next generation of mobile and wireless connectivity.

UK education system

Teaching and learning style

While you are a student in the UK you will be encouraged not only to learn your subject in depth, but also to think for yourself. Independent thinking and taking responsibility for your own learning are important aspects of a UK degree.

Expert teachers at UK universities use several different methods to help you learn, including:

  • Lectures – listen and take notes as your teacher presents to a large group of students.
  • Seminars – take part in group discussions on specific topics.
  • Tutorials – ask questions and review your academic progress during one-to-one time with your tutor.
  • Practical work – learn by doing, to gain skills that you can transfer to the workplace.
  • Fieldwork – learn by taking part in educational excursions outside of the University.

Within the focused and safe learning environment at Surrey, you will be taught and supported by leading academics. If you want to specialise in a certain subject from the start, complete your degree as quickly as possible, and learn to study independently, studying in the UK will be ideal for you.


The type and number of assessments you need to complete depends on the degree you choose within the British education system. Some degrees involve continuous and regular assessment. Others may be assessed with a final exam. Your pathway programme will prepare you well with examinations and coursework, which could take the form of a presentation or an extended essay.

Assessments may include: coursework, project work, presentations, participation in seminars, written assignments or essays, practical assessments and a final dissertation.

Joint honours

As an undergraduate student at Surrey, you have the option to study single or joint honours. Single honours involves studying one subject in depth. Joint honours students can study two or more subjects in depth.

International Study Centre

Based on the University of Surrey campus, the International Study Centre provides all the support you need to make a successful start to your degree. International Foundation Year programmes are designed to increase your academic and English language knowledge for undergraduate study. They take two semesters to complete.

Pre-Masters programmes are taught over one or two-semesters and are designed to prepare you for the demands of a taught Masters course in your selected subject area. You will develop academic English language, critical thinking and reading skills, research skills and other study skills appropriate to study at Masters level.

Throughout your pathway programme and your degree, you can rely on the support and encouragement of staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed.


*Complete University Guide 2020

International student Joash from Hong Kong

"The teaching style at university is more independent. It requires you to spend more time working as an individual, so you have to manage your time very well."

Joash from Hong Kong
Studied International Foundation Year – Engineering, Science and Mathematics
Progressed to BSc Aerospace Engineering