Benefits of studying at a research-intensive university

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Choosing the right university for you is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and taking your time to look into all the options is vital. While reading about universities, you may have seen that some institutions refer to themselves as ‘research-intensive’. Read on to learn what a research university is and, more importantly, the benefits of studying at one of these institutions.

What is a research university?

research university is a university in which research is fundamental to its mission. Research is an essential component of program content and active researchers, who are often experts in their subjects, design and teach the curricula. Many employers value degrees from research universities because they teach students important skills such as critical thinking. The course content is also more up to date than some other universities because active researchers are developing it.

Why choose to study at a research-intensive university?

1. Be on top of the latest knowledge and developments

Studying at a research-focused university will allow you to learn about world-leading research. You’ll benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge and thinking in your subject. Your tutors are more likely to be active researchers and will bring their research interests and work into the classroom.

You’ll learn about the academic foundations of your subject, along with the impact prior research has had on the world.

2. Community

Choosing to get your degree at a research-intensive university means you’ll be part of an active community of similarly ambitious peers and world-leading researchers. You can learn from others and build professional networks while you study. Often, these connections prove very helpful when you’ve graduated and are looking to enter the workplace. Alternatively, if you wish to continue your studies upon graduation, your degree will provide the perfect foundation and connections with which to continue your research on a PhD program.

3. Skills for success

Developing your research skills can set you apart from other graduates to prospective employers. Your time at a research university will equip you with critical thinking skills and curiosity. You’ll also become an independent learner, developing the ability to devise and take ownership for your own research projects. Whether you progress to further study or go straight into the job market after graduation, these skills will set you up for success.

4. Contribute to advancing knowledge

Studying at a research-intensive university will enable you to become an active contributor to improving your knowledge and having a wider impact, rather than being a passive learner. You will learn how to decide on and test your own hypotheses, and how to assess the available evidence and to make data-led decisions.

Research university faculty will help you to develop the skills that you’ll need in graduate-level jobs, giving you a head start for when you graduate and enter the job market.

5. State-of-the-art facilities

A major advantage to studying at a research university is that you’ll have access to world-class research equipment and facilities and equipment. At the University of Surrey, we have state-of-the-art laboratories, and open plan learning spaces as part of the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics facility. Using cutting-edge equipment will not only enhance your learning experience but will prepare you to enter the workplace upon graduation.

Study abroad at a top UK research university

The UK is a popular choice for international students as it has many world-leading universities. The UK is famous for its high-quality education system and rigorous academic standards. A degree from an esteemed UK university will help you stand out to employers and kick-start a successful career.

Why study at the University of Surrey?

  • World-class research facilities
  • Extensive array of work placements
  • A thriving student community
  • Academic and personal support

Your pathway to success

At University of Surrey International Study Centre, we offer pathway programmes in a range of subjects including sciences, engineering, and business. Each pathway introduces you to the UK style of teaching and consists of subject-specific modules as well as study skills and English language classes.

Our pathway programmes are designed to help prepare you for degree study at the prestigious University of Surrey. You will receive support from our dedicated team, who will help you settle into the UK culture and academic system. Once you successfully complete your pathway programme, you can progress to your dream degree course at the University of Surrey. We have undergraduate and postgraduate pathway programmes, so whether you already have a degree or not, you can study with us.

To kick-start your career at the University of Surrey International Study Centre, apply today.