Tips for studying at Surrey: Anita from Uganda

An international student on the University of Surrey campus

Hi everyone! I am Anita from Uganda and I am very excited to write this blog. I am currently studying at the University of Surrey. I have completed my Pre-Masters in Management, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism, and I am ready to progress to an MSc in International Business Management this September. 

Doing the Pre-Masters course has opened up my eyes to how businesses make, keep and invest their money and how they can build sustainable systems for growth. The programme is not only lecture-based but also very interactive and involves a lot of presentations, discussions and debates – which encourages innovation and engagement with the lecture material. I believe I am better prepared to embark on my Masters next year. 

My experience at the University has been phenomenal so far. Although I was quite nervous at the start, I was able to settle in quite quickly due to the friendly and accommodating environment created by both the staff and students. I have met incredible people from diverse backgrounds that I might never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The University is a home for many people across the globe and has allowed me to learn about and share exotic culture and food in particular. Some of my happiest memories included food! 

Studying at Surrey has been a life-changing experience. It has increased my confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. It has given me the courage to apply for opportunities including becoming a student representative, a mentor and now an ambassador. I also joined other clubs like the weightlifting society and the Surrey Investment society. 

The UK has become home away from home for me. I have met amazing people who are now like family. We play, laugh, study and grow together. I became a part of the local community through church, which has been a source of great comfort during this season where I am away from family and friends. The local church community have become my family, regularly checking on me and visiting me.

Antia’s top tips for studying at Surrey

I have enjoyed my time at the University, and I am excited to share my experience with prospective students.

  1. My best advice for blended learning is to ask questions if you do not understand something. The lecturers are always eager to help. Do not stay silent but speak up!
  2. Whilst getting ready to travel to the UK, I wanted to make sure I had all that I needed. But a few weeks in, I realised that I had too much stuff! My advice would be not to pack too much as your preferences will change with time and you may never wear all those clothes and shoes.
  3. We all go to University to learn, so do not look down on yourself. Be confident that you will excel. Stay focused on your studies, whilst having fun too. Join societies and clubs, reach out to new people, and be friendly.

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