My year at the International Study Centre: Copter from Thailand

An international student resting on the grass

Copter from Thailand just completed his International Foundation Year in Life Sciences, continuing his studies online before progressing to the University of Surrey this September. Here he tells you about his experiences studying with us.

Taking the first step to shape my future career with the University of Surrey International Study Centre was one of the best decisions I have made. My experience at the International Study Centre has been filled with countless delightful memories: from a student who struggled with homesickness, to a Student Ambassador, to the winner of this year’s progression scholarship. Looking back, I am overjoyed with how the International Study Centre has built up my confidence and empowered my values as an individual.

During my time at the International Study Centre, I have escaped my comfort zone by taking the role of student representative. As a student representative, I embodied the voices of my peers to help develop the Centre and the academic curriculum taught here. The International Study Centre has given a myriad of opportunities to encourage students to comfortably participate in activities and become involved within the community.

Beyond my involvement with the Centre, I have also joined the wider community by trying out different kinds of physical activities provided by the University of Surrey’s Student Union (USSU) –which helped me unwind as well as discovering new interests and hobbies.

Although I‘ve spent the last half of my International Foundation Year studying online, the International Study Centre has undoubtedly prepared me to become a successful undergraduate student after my progression. Despite the circumstances, the staff have continued to do their duty and support us constantly. The International Study Centre devotes so much attention to their students’ wellbeing and mental heath, even when everything is online. Teachers and staff are amiable and approachable, which has made settling in easy for many students.

My personal advice to prospective students is to come out of your comfort zone and make the most out of every opportunity given. Dare to join in, speak up and step in. This way, you’re not just focusing on your academics – but also immersing yourself into the culture surrounding you.

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