Enjoy your time as a student in Surrey

International students having a meal at Five Guys
Studying at the International Study Centre is not just about what you do in class. As an international student in Surrey, you can become more independent, confident, and discover a new exciting world at university and beyond.

Tips for living away from home

Leaving home to study abroad for the first time can be overwhelming, but you should embrace every moment of it. This is one of the most memorable parts of your life, when you will learn about yourself and broaden your horizons.

Learn life skills

Your new independence will teach you valuable lessons. Some of the most useful things to learn are how to manage your time and money effectively.

Time management will keep you organised and on top of your studies and other activities. Stay on track by:

  • having a schedule that allows you to both study and relax
  • going to classes on time
  • keeping deadlines set by your teachers
  • planning ahead for tasks that require more work.

Start making smart financial decisions:

  • Prioritise spending your money on essentials such as food, study materials, and medications.
  • Set some money aside if you ever need a backup – your UK bank should offer you a savings account where you can keep money separate from your daily spending.
  • Have a budget for fun activities that will help you enjoy student life at Surrey.
  • Manage your money whenever and wherever you want to, for example with the iOS app Pennies.

Budgeting tips for studying abroad

There are always ways to save money as a student. Cut the costs:

  • Look out for general student discounts at shops and restaurants, where you can save money by showing your student ID.
  • Save even more with an NUS card when shopping at Co-op, ASOS, eating at PizzaExpress or listening to music on Spotify, and many more.
  • Get the 16-26 Railcard which gives you a 1/3 off rail fares when you travel by train in the UK.
  • Bring packed lunch with you whenever you can to save on eating out.

How to improve your English speaking

You will learn new things every day at the International Study Centre. Your English skills will also improve, and you can use own initiative to get better.

Try these English learning tips to improve your speaking:

  • Learn with your favourite Netflix show and watch it with English subtitles, which will help you learn about sentence structure and common phrases in a fun way.
  • Find a book you have already read in your own language and read it again in English, looking up words you don’t know.
  • When you come across a new word, you can use your own initiative and learn it learn it along with other similar words.
  • Talk to friends about podcasts you have listened to, explaining what you have learnt from them.
  • Discuss current events with friends, expressing your opinions.

Believe in yourself

Living and studying in the UK on your own is an achievement you should be proud of. The programme you choose and the support you receive are designed to help you get where you want to be. You are in the right environment to succeed while at Surrey and beyond.

Don’t worry if you ever feel homesick – everyone does sometimes. Read about all the ways you can overcome homesickness.

We want you to be happy throughout your time in the UK. Feel at home at the International Study Centre.

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