Give your career a competitive edge with the Professional Training programme

Get a head-start on your career through the Professional Training programme at University of Surrey. Impress employers with industry experience, confidence and practical skills gained during the programme. Combining academic knowledge with practice makes you a well-rounded graduate, highly sought-after by global companies.

This is how international student Salim propelled his early career. He did the International Foundation Year in Engineering and Physical Sciences at the International Study Centre and progressed to BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering at University of Surrey. He worked as Assistant Engineer for Motorola Services during his Professional Training Year.

He says: “The placement year was a very good experience, in a way that I wasn’t really ready to carry on to my final year and do my dissertation. I felt like I needed a break and develop more skills, and the placement did that. I was able to improve my time management, reporting writing, communication skills, and knowledge in the field. That really helped me be more confident in my final year.”

John Watkins, Head of Centre at the University of Surrey International Study Centre, says this work experience helps students become more aware of their strengths and abilities: “From a financial perspective, it is really encouraging, and allows them to understand financial management. It gets them more aware of what they will need when they do hit the workplace for a permanent role.”

International Study Centre alumni who progress to a degree at Surrey can do the training after the second or third year of undergraduate study. The University partners with over 2,300 leading employers like IBM, HSBC and British Airways, both in the UK and internationally. You will receive dedicated support from staff finding a work placement that matches your degree and career plans, and help writing a strong CV and application.

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