Where to study on the University of Surrey's campus

An international student works among fellow students.

I'm Jade and I'm an international student doing this blog in quarantine. I want to write down something regarding to this amazing journey, as a reference for upcoming students that are planning to study abroad.

I just finished my International Foundation Year in Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Surrey International Study Centre and I'm waiting for my unconditional offer to officially progress to the University.

I wrote another blog about the exams at the International Study Centre, and how I prepared for them. You can read that here.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this year, we couldn't really study at a café like I normally would. So, here’s a blog about where I studied on the University of Surrey’s campus.

Your own room

I know there are many people who can't focus in their rooms. However, I can be really calm studying in my room.

When you come to Surrey, there will still be time for yourself, which means you get plenty of chances to be alone. It is a basic thing to make your room nice, so you could also make it a good place to study. In the winter, it is often cold and raining in the UK. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to go anywhere and at that time I found my room the best place to study.

So, make sure you decorate your room!

Find out more about the accommodation available at the University of Surrey International Study Centre here.

The library

At the University of Surrey you can talk with friends at a normal volume in the library and you can have food inside. It's a good place for you to discuss things with your friends or study alone.

Aside from the normal area, there are silent rooms for people who need it. It is usually very silent since there's a phone number you can call if it's too noisy and the security will come over and sort things out.

Additionally, there is a PC at most seats. I found it very convenient that you don’t have to bring your own. Just book a seat online, and sign in with your student ID and password and you can use it.

The Hive and The Nest

These two places offers students spaces to discuss things after class, and you can eat in the Hive and the Nest. I really like it here since the seats are very comfy and you don't have to book it.

The University of Surrey’s campus

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